Sept. 25—Our Revolution, the successor organization to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, has announced that there will be a national webinar at 1 pm Eastern Time on September 26, devoted to motivating immediate action to pass Glass-Steagall legislation now pending before Congress. The event will be accessible to citizens all around the country. (see below)

Author Nomi Prins will be one of panelists at the Glass-Steagall webinar Sept. 26.

The House legislation for Glass-Steagall (H.R. 790), Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s Prudent Banking Act of 2017, currently has 57 sponsors, while the Senate bill (S. 881), Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act, has 9 in toto. Despite the increasing density of warnings about a potential debt blowout in a world financial system more over-extended than it was in 2007, no new Congressional sponsors have been added to these bills for nearly two months.

According to the Our Revolution announcement, the group is joining with Public Citizen and Americans for Financial Reform to sponsor the event, which is aimed at educating all citizens on the pressing need for Glass-Steagall reinstatement now, and mobilizing them to pressure their Congressmen to sponsor the legislation. The webinar itself will be hosted at AFL-CIO offices in Washington, D.C.

The event will “include introductory remarks from Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and Congressman Walter Jones, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Public Citizen’s Bart Naylor, along with Marcus Stanley from Americans for Financial Reform, Heather Corzo from the AFL-CIO, and Financial Author Nomi Prins.”

To join the webinar, individuals must register at this address . More information can be obtained by  calling 419-704-1863.

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