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Emblem of the abolition movement, 1780s.

Historian Refutes 1619 Project … Again

by Nancy Spannaus Dec. 2, 2021—The timing was auspicious. Two months prior to the New York Times’ Nov. 9 release of its book version of The 1619 Project, noted historian Gordon S. Wood issued a devastating refutation of the Project’s thesis that the introduction of chattel slavery was the “origin” […]

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Abraham Lincoln in 1865, photographed by Gardner

Let Us Humbly Give Thanks …

By Nancy Spannaus Nov. 24, 2021—As the Civil War yet raged in the fall of 1863, President Abraham Lincoln decided to call for a national “day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens,” to be held on the last Thursday of November.[1]  His full […]

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Passaic Falls, the site and power source for Hamilton's Society for Useful Manufactures (New York Historical Society)

Alexander Hamilton: Nation-builder, not Financier

A Review by Nancy Spannaus The Financial Programs of Alexander Hamilton, by a Farmer’s Daughter Dianne L. Durante Self-published, 2021, paperback, 388 pp., $35 Nov. 17, 2021—In her fifth book on Alexander Hamilton, Dianne L. Durante has undertaken a monumental task: dissecting the financial reports and programs of Treasury Secretary […]

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American System founder Alexander Hamilton, a new statue at the Coast Guard Academy (Dianne Durante)

The Economic Genius of Alexander Hamilton

By Nancy Spannaus Nov. 7, 2021—I will be conducting a two-part class series on The Economic Genius of Alexander Hamilton at the Long Island University’s lifelong learning institute, Hutton House, on Nov. 16 and 23 of this year. The classes will be conducted over Zoom and are therefore available to […]

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The future of these children depends on a crash program for nuclear power.

For Humanity’s Sake, Go Nuclear Now!

by Nancy Spannaus Oct. 31, 2021—On the eve of the United Nations’ climate conference COP26, I feel compelled to address the fundamental issue at stake in the debate over what is called global energy policy. That issue is actually not an energy policy as such, but the following: Are we […]

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The industrial complex Alexander Hamilton began in Paterson, NJ in 1791.

To End Slavery, You Need Industrial Progress

By Nancy Spannaus Oct. 9, 2021—All four classes in my series on Why American Slavery Persisted are now available on americansystemnow’s You Tube channel. In them, I present the evidence to support my thesis that the success of the abolition movement depended on the implementation of Alexander Hamilton’s principles of […]

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Hinton Helper's book

A Southern Voice for Complete Abolition

By Nancy Spannaus Oct. 2, 2021—Have you ever heard of Hinton Rowan Helper? Neither had I until this summer, when a friend who knew I was working on the persistence of American slavery called it to my attention. Yet the North Carolinian Helper played a prominent and some say decisive […]

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The Signing of the Constitution, an oil by Thomas Rossiter. Courtesy of the New York Historical Society

Frederick Douglass on the U.S. Constitution

By Nancy Spannaus Sept. 20, 2021—It’s Constitution Week, and long past time that we Americans went beyond the cursory knowledge which most of us have had of our nation’s founding document. The recent tendency to damn the U.S. Constitution as a virtual pact with the devil is particularly disturbing to […]

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Class Series Now on You Tube

Class Series Now on You Tube

By Nancy Spannaus Sept. 17, 2021—I am pleased to announce that the first class in my current series on Why American Slavery Persisted has now been posted on the You Tube channel of AmericanSystemNow (click here).  This is the first of four classes, which happily are being video-recorded by Shepherd […]

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A partial photo of the Oglethorpe statue in Augusta, Georgia

Investigating American Slavery: The Case of Georgia

Part II of a series {Sept. 13, 2021–The following is a draft chapter from my upcoming book, Why American Slavery Persisted.} By Nancy Spannaus It may be hard for even Georgians to believe, but the colony of Georgia was the only North American colony to prohibit slavery at its founding. […]

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