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The Five Experts

Economic Experts: Put Wall Street Back in Its Box

By Nancy Spannaus Sept. 27, 2018—A blockbuster forum at the National Press Club last night brought together five economic experts to discuss the 2008 financial crash and what can be done to prevent a new one. Addressing the audience of approximately 100 people were: 1) Nomi Prins, former Wall Street […]

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FDR Signs Glass-Steagall on June 16, 1933

Glass-Steagall Remembered on the 85th Anniversary

  June 16, 2018- The London Guardian and Liam Halligan both published pieces related to Glass-Steagall and the current economic crisis on or about the date that Franklin Roosevelt signed the Act, 85 years ago today.     The original bill was signed at the end of FDR’s first one […]

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The 2008 crash--Where deregulation leads

Deregulation Run Amok!

May 26, 2018—The pace of deregulation coming from the Trump Administration, and the U.S. Congress, is stunning. And it runs directly contrary to the principles of the Federally-backed credit system which Alexander Hamilton established, called the American System. Here are three prominent examples (many more are likely hidden in the […]

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Nomi Prins present her book Collusion on May 2 in Washington, D.C.

Prins Presents Her New Book at D.C. Bookstore

May 3, 2018—A crowd filled up all the available seats at the Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C. last night, eager to hear Wall Street whistle-blower and renowned author Nomi Prins discuss her latest book. The author, once a Wall Street insider at Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, and Lehman […]

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Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington, D.C. (wikimedia commons)

Solve the Fed’s Dilemma–with Glass-Steagall

April 24, 2018—“Could the Fed Set Off a Debt Bomb?”, asked financial pundit Satyajit Das in an article for Bloomberg April 12. Das’s analysis of the minefield which the Fed faces in the weeks and months ahead, serves as a warning to those of all political stripes who keep mindlessly […]

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The Wall Street bull charges ahead, unlike the economy.

More Warnings of a Coming Crash

April 8, 2018—In an interview with CNBC on April 6, Scott Minerd, head of investing for Guggenheim Partners, pointed to ballooning corporate debt as the probable source of a major financial crisis in the 2019-2020 period. “As interest rates keep ratcheting higher, with record levels of corporate debt it’s going […]

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Screen shot from video of September 26, 2017 webinar on Glass-Steagall

Video of Glass-Steagall Webinar Now Available

Nov. 1, 2017—All those interested in re-instating the American System of economics, which today requires the immediate reinstatement of Glass-Steagall banking separation, will want to view the just-released video of the highly informative webinar held on Glass-Steagall on September 26. The nearly hour-long event can be viewed here. The webinar […]

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Webinar Launches Renewed Mobilization for Glass-Steagall

Webinar Launches Renewed Mobilization for Glass-Steagall

  by Nancy Spannaus Sept. 27, 2017—In an approximately 50 minute webinar, held at AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, D.C. Sept. 26, representatives of several citizen and labor groups launched a renewed mobilization for reinstituting Glass-Steagall banking separation. The webinar was jointly sponsored by Public Citizen, Americans for Financial Reform, and […]

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National Webinar on Glass-Steagall to be Held September 26

National Webinar on Glass-Steagall to be Held September 26

Sept. 25—Our Revolution, the successor organization to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, has announced that there will be a national webinar at 1 pm Eastern Time on September 26, devoted to motivating immediate action to pass Glass-Steagall legislation now pending before Congress. The event will be accessible to citizens all around […]

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The Fed is Lying: Glass-Steagall Is a Necessity Now

The Fed is Lying: Glass-Steagall Is a Necessity Now

“I’m Shocked, Shocked to Find There’s Gambling Going On Here” —From the movie Casablanca“ July 4, 2017—The Federal Reserve put out the word on June 26, claiming that all the major banks in the United States had passed their “stress tests,” and thus demonstrated that they could weather a severe […]

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