By Nancy Spannaus

April 23, 2023—There are two notable news events related to my book, Hamilton Versus Wall Street: The Core Principles of the American System of Economics, coming up soon. I hope you can take advantage of them and/or spread the word to others.

Upcoming Events on Hamilton Versus Wall Street
A partial picture of the book Hamilton Versus Wall Street.

In Person …

The first will occur this coming Saturday, April 29, in Leesburg, Virginia, between 11:30 and 2:30. The Birch Tree Bookstore is taking the occasion of Independent Bookstore Day to host an Authors’ Showcase. Nine local authors, including yours truly, will be featuring their books in a fair-like atmosphere at the bookstore’s location, 11 West Market Street. You can see their Facebook page here. Their advertisement reads:

It’s the most wonderful day of the year!

We’re celebrating Indie Bookstore Day with the local authors who make our indie world go ‘round.

Join us on Saturday, April 29 for a farmers’ market-style fair showcasing this area’s writing talent. We’re kicking it off at 12:30 pm with a story time featuring Ada Ari’s debut title The Lion’s Promise. Then, you can peruse books across all genres from Jill Solis, Paul Kreingold, Susan Ouellette, Lisa Geraci Rigoni, Jeanne Hull Godfrey, J. Denison Reed, Nancy Spannaus, and Christina June.

This event is free, open to the public, and will be fun for all ages!

And on the Net

The Birch Tree Bookstore event is one of my favorite kinds, since it allows you to talk with potential readers and sell physical books. But face it, the largest bookseller in the United States is that Internet behemoth Amazon. There you can get both physical and e-books and have them delivered to your door.[1]

So, in addition to attending whatever in-person events I can find, I will soon be kicking off a new advertising campaign for Hamilton Versus Wall Street, on Amazon. Amazon promises to display the ads in a targeted manner for those customers who buy books of the same genre, and is committed to ensuring 500,000 impressions.

Upcoming events on Hamilton Versus Wall Street

Will that result in more sales?  Given the current attention to the instability of our banking system and overall economy, one would hope more people would be looking for the wisdom of geniuses such as Hamilton, which my book emphasizes.  We’ll see.

The ad campaign coincides with my making one significant change in the book, namely, the back cover copy. I have taken the occasion to add three of my reviews to the blurb kindly provided by Hamilton biographer Richard Sylla. The new text reads as follows:

Why You Should Read Hamilton Versus Wall Street

“A thoughtful, well-written argument for Alexander Hamilton’s financial system as a guard against tyranny.”   — Kirkus Reviews

“In our time of crumbling infrastructure, anemic economic growth, and dysfunctional government, Spannaus points to a better path, the American System of economic policy initiated by Alexander Hamilton more than two centuries ago. … His policies made America great, and a return to them can make America great again.” — Richard Sylla, author of Alexander Hamilton: The Illustrated Biography

“An excellent book that for me brought clarity to several threads that made up the fabric of Hamilton’s vision of a political economy for the post-war United States, a national country and not a collection of states….” — Douglas S. Hamilton, fifth great grandson of Alexander Hamilton

“Spannaus meticulously traces the origins and describes Hamilton’s system (in contrast to the Jeffersonian/British system) and shows how it resulted in the economic growth that defines American enterprise. … This book is a definite must-read.” — David J. Kent, author of Lincoln: The Fire of Genius; President, Lincoln Group of D.C.

*  *  *

Nancy Bradeen Spannaus is a public historian specializing in American political economy. Her first book featuring Hamilton was published in 1977. She blogs on history at


[1] The book is also available from the publisher iuniverse.


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