Jan. 24, 2024—Ready to learn some history that will challenge today’s popular assumptions? Public historian Nancy Spannaus, author of the just-released book Defeating Slavery: Hamilton’s American System Showed the Way, will be presenting two classes by zoom in February that will do just that.

Public historian Nancy Spannaus

What you learn may even help us in preserving our republic!

To find out more about the book, and other events, see https://americansystemnow.com/defeating-slavery/.

Hamilton’s Anti-Slavery Economics: The Road Not Taken

On February 13 and 20, from 10 AM to 12PM Eastern time, Spannaus will address the fight against slavery in the British American colonies from the 17th century through the administration of Andrew Jackson. This class is sponsored by Long Island University’s Hutton House Lectures. Pre-registration for this class, which costs a small fee, is required, and can be purchased online at https://webapps3.liu.edu/huttonhouse. ( If you have a problem, call 516-299-2580 or email HuttonHouse@liu.edu) The course description reads:

At the time the American Constitution was forged, the United States was at the forefront internationally of the movement to end slavery. Yet that infamous institution not only persisted, but grew to proportions that ultimately led to a Civil War in order to eliminate it. Nancy Spannaus, author of Hamilton Versus Wall Street, argues that the hope for ending slavery in the early decades of the republic lay in Alexander Hamilton’s anti-slavery economics. This class will explore that thesis, which Spannaus elaborates in her book, Defeating Slavery.

Preparing for America’s 250th Birthday: The Core Principles of the American Revolution

For those seeking a more in-depth dive into our nation’s founding, Spannaus will begin a four-part class on the American Revolution on Wednesday, February 21 at 7:30 PM Eastern. This class, sponsored by the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture, is free and open to the public, with a suggested donation of $30 per class. Please register to get the zoom link, by clicking here or sending an email to nancyspannaus@comcast.net

The class description reads:

Are you prepared for the celebration of America’s 250th Birthday, coming up on July 4, 2026?  Or have you been confused by all the recent discussion about the America’s early history, much of which seems to imply that we never should have declared independence from the British Empire? Does confronting the very real shortcomings of our Founding Fathers mean that we have to be ashamed of our Revolution? How should we address those shortcomings, whose consequences are still ripping us apart today?

If these questions bother you, we have just the class series you need.

On Wednesday, February 21, at 7:30 Eastern, public historian Nancy Spannaus will begin a four-part class on The Core Principles of the American Revolution. Spannaus is the author of two recent books on the Revolution’s leading economic genius, Alexander Hamilton: Hamilton Versus Wall Street: The Core Principles of the American System of Economics (2019), and Defeating Slavery: Hamilton’s American System Showed the Way. (2023) Her in-depth knowledge of the early days of our republic will be brought to bear in this concise introduction to the true significance of the American Revolution.

Each class will involve substantial discussion of documents from the era. Students are encouraged to supplement the presentations by reading Spannaus’s books, but that is not required.

The general topics of the four-part series are:

  1. Causes of the Revolution
  2. How Revolutionary was the American Revolution?
  3.  The Role of Alexander Hamilton
  4.  Has America’s Revolutionary Heritage Survived?



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