By Nancy Spannaus

Feb. 19, 2019—Online bookstores are now selling Hamilton Versus Wall Street to the public. You can now start ordering and circulating the only book on the market which presents our First Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton’s economic principles, and the way in which they were taken up and shaped the extraordinary successes of the economy of the United States and other nations.

The book can be ordered on the websites of iUniverse, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. Just put in the title, and it’ll show up. It’s available in soft cover, and all forms of e-book.

See my previous release for more information, including an appreciation by Richard Sylla, author of Alexander Hamilton, The Illustrated Biography.

For a sneak preview, here is the Table of Contents:

Chapter I: Alexander Hamilton would have been the foremost opponent of Wall Street today.

Chapter 2: Hamilton’s Report on Manufactures is the Rosetta Stone of his economics.

Chapter 3: What the Report on Manufactures proposes.

Chapter 4:  Hamilton’s ideas of political economy formed the basis for America’s prosperity.

Chapter 5: Abraham Lincoln, Hamiltonian

Chapter 6: Franklin Roosevelt chose Hamilton.

Chapter 7: Hamilton was a vigorous opponent of Adam Smith.

Chapter 8: Hamilton’s banking system was not British!

Chapter 9:  The spread of Hamilton’s economics threatened to bring down the British Empire.

Chapter 10: Hamilton’s political economy is key to saving the American Constitutional Republic.

Chapter 11: A Hamiltonian Vision for Today

Appendix 1: Glossary of Economic Terms

Appendix 2: A Proposal for a Hamiltonian National Infrastructure Bank

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