By Nancy Spannaus

Nov. 10, 2020—In this political cauldron we are living through, the people of the United States are in dire need of reacquaintance with the American System of Economics, the school of political economy established by Alexander Hamilton.  I have just the book to introduce them to it – Hamilton Versus Wall Street: The Core Principles of the American System of Economics. So, I am launching a Christmas sale now.

Christmas Sale for Hamilton Versus Wall Street
All ready for Christmas.

My soft-cover edition sells for $13.99, and for many of you, shipping would be an additional cost of a couple dollars.  But, from now until Christmas (or when my supplies run out), I am offering to sell each book for $12, shipping included.  That’s a significant savings for you, and a little bit of a margin over my cost for me. Equally important is the satisfaction of getting the concepts of the American System into broader circulation.

All you need to do is to email, or call me directly at 540-822-9194.  I can take credit cards over the phone, or we can arrange for payment by mail. Believe me, I will be prompt.

If you follow this blog, you have a sense of the importance of re-evoking American System principles in our population. Since the death of FDR, Wall Street interests have increasingly expanded their power over our economy, bringing us to the point where our vital infrastructure is collapsing or even poisoning our people, our death rate  is increasing (before COVID), and a huge swath of our people is living from paycheck to paycheck. Speculation, not industry, is Wall Street’s big business, and as long as that’s permitted to continue, our country will be headed for disaster. That’s no matter who is President.

As Hamilton biographer Richard Sylla said in the blurb for my book, I present “a better path, the American System of economic policy initiated by Alexander Hamilton more than two centuries ago.” He added that “Hamilton encouraged long-term investment and productivity growth, and discouraged short-term speculation and financial instability.” His policies were taken up by our greatest presidents (Lincoln and FDR), and we desperately need them today.

So, take advantage of this sale.  Buy Hamilton Versus Wall Street for yourself, your family, and your friends – even your political opponents! Perhaps you could put the book in your local library. Just give me a call at 540-822-9194, or email me at Now!


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