AmericanSystemNow Takes Flight--Now on Twitter
A full-throated tweet (Larry Keller-birdshare)

April 17, 2018—Americansystemnow. com has a new platform for circulation and expansion. You can now find us on twitter!

We urge our readers to take advantage of this move in order to “tweet away” with links to our growing array of articles, and help us build up a broad following. Start following us today.

And if you haven’t done so, please sign up for a subscription. Our latest posts will show up automatically in your mailbox, without any further effort (and no cost) on your part. Many who “like” us on Facebook have not signed up.

After less than a year on the Net, AmericanSystemNow has been slowly but surely gaining more prominence in the national discussion on the vital questions of reviving our economy. With your help, we can accelerate our impact.

Thank you for your support.

Nancy Spannaus






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