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While you’re here, please consider getting a copy of my book.  If you want to know what the economic policies were that could have ended slavery,  this is the book for you. Alexander Hamilton was a committed abolitionist, and he designed economic programs to bring this hated practice to an end.

You won’t find many such books.

If you would like to know how Hamilton’s ideas could be applied today, you won’t find any others like this. Hamilton’s idea of a national bank would enable us to rebuild our collapsing roads, bridges, water systems, and other infrastructure.  We could do it all, without adding to our national deficit or national debt.

And we would go a long way toward healing the terrible rift that is dividing our nation today.

A book that covers these ideas is almost impossible to find.

In fact, the advocates of the economic system based on Hamilton, the “American System of Economics”, have been suppressed and maligned in the United States for over 50 years.

“A thoughtful, well-written argument for Alexander Hamilton’s financial system as a guard against tyranny.”  -Kirkus Reviews

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