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Stephen Knott, i the gentleman with the beard, speaking in Washington, D.C. in 2018.

Debunking Myths About Alexander Hamilton

By Nancy Spannaus April 15, 2019—When I conceived of the polemic which shapes my book Hamilton Versus Wall Street, I knew I would be debunking the myth that Alexander Hamilton was a tool of the financial class. After reading the 2002 book Alexander Hamilton and the Persistence of Myth by […]

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Statue of George Washington at George Washington University, which chartered in 1821.

The Washington-Hamilton Alliance

By Nancy Spannaus Feb. 22, 2019—George Washington deserves to be celebrated in his own right, but I am going to devote this brief Washington’s Birthday post to the Washington-Hamilton alliance.  The two men shared a vision of developing this vast country into a strong continental republic, committed to the “blessings […]

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Historians Debate: Who Was the Real Alexander Hamilton?

Historians Debate: Who Was the Real Alexander Hamilton?

By Nancy Spannaus June 11, 2018—One of the benefits of the popularity of Hamilton: An American Musical, which begins its run in Washington, D.C. tomorrow, is that it has inspired many institutions to sponsor informative exhibits, presentations , and debates on the First Treasury Secretary’s life and contributions. The event […]

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