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The development and use of advanced machinery increases the productivity of labor.

Want Economic Growth? Study Hamilton’s Report on Manufactures

By Nancy Spannaus Dec. 5, 2017—Today is the anniversary of the submission of First Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton’s most conceptual report on the science of economics, his Report on the Subject of Manufactures. That report, submitted to Congress Dec. 5, 1791, provided an in-depth refutation of the “free market” ideas […]

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ST-C30-2-62                             17 Aug 1962Trip to Western States, Pierre, South DakotaPlease Credit "Cecil Stoughton. White House Photographs. John F Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library, Boston"[scratches across negative horizonatally]

Capital Budgeting:  A Two Part Series on Principles of Long-Term Investment

  August 17, 2017: On the 55th Anniversary of President Kennedy’s Speech at the Oahe Dam, Pierre, South Dakota by John Ascher   New Orleans and Katrina, 2005; Minneapolis, 2007 and the I-35 Mississippi River Bridge Collapse; February 2017, Northern California, and the failure of the Oroville Dam spillway…. Tired […]

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This rise in mortality, documented by Brookings scholars in 2017, highlights the severity of the U.S. healthcare crisis.

American System Principles to Solve the Health Care Crisis

By Nancy Spannaus July 11, 2017—As the U.S. Senate takes up the question of repealing Obamacare again this week, Americans can expect to be inundated with waves of facts, figures, and moralisms that will accelerate the conflict over this issue, but which provide no clear pathway to a solution to […]

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The Fed is Lying: Glass-Steagall Is a Necessity Now

The Fed is Lying: Glass-Steagall Is a Necessity Now

“I’m Shocked, Shocked to Find There’s Gambling Going On Here” —From the movie Casablanca“ July 4, 2017—The Federal Reserve put out the word on June 26, claiming that all the major banks in the United States had passed their “stress tests,” and thus demonstrated that they could weather a severe […]

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President Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865)

President Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865)

During his first run for political office in Illinois, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) described his platform thus: “My politics are short and sweet, like an old woman’s dance. I’m in favor of a national bank. I’m in favor of the internal improvement system and a high protective tariff. These are my […]

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Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton’s concept of the American System was most fully developed in his Report on the Subject of Manufactures, submitted to the U.S. Congress, upon its request, in December of 1791. There, at great length, Hamilton lays out the way in which the productive powers of labor are increased in […]

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