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New York Stock exchange

The Fed Stokes “Bancomania”

by Nancy Spannaus Nov. 1, 2018—It should be no surprise that at its Oct. 31 (Halloween) meeting, the Federal Reserve decided to loosen regulations not only for the banks with a $250 billion net worth, but also for those with assets up to the $700 billion level. This decision reflects […]

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New York City's "Billionaires' Row"--It's not the real story.

The Parasite is Devouring the Host: Which Will We Save?

By Angela Vullo July 5, 2018–If you believe the Trump Administration, the media, and some pundits, the U.S. economy is in the midst of a never-ending recovery, best demonstrated by the continuing rise of the financial markets.  But if you peer just beneath the surface, something entirely opposite emerges:  we […]

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The American System Approach to Tax Reform: JFK Had It Right

The American System Approach to Tax Reform: JFK Had It Right

By Nancy Spannaus Oct. 19, 2017—The battle is on over the Republican tax plan, and there’s no felicitous end in sight. The Republicans are right that economic growth has to be stimulated—but their plan won’t direct money into crucial sectors of the economy. The Democrats are right that the nation […]

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