Oct. 2, 2020—A weekly radio show run by attorney Adam Levinson will feature a discussion of Nancy Spannaus’s book Hamilton Versus Wall Street: The Core Principles of the American System of Economics on Monday night, October 5. Levinson’s show airs on WSQF 94.5 in Key Biscayne, Florida at 7 PM Eastern, and can be accessed live at https://wsqfradio.com/.  Anyone in the country can listen in live. The show will be archived as a podcast on the station’s website.

Radio Show to Feature Hamilton Versus Wall Street
A partial picture of the book Hamilton Versus Wall Street.

Adam Levinson publishes https://www.statutesandstories.com/blog, which is dedicated to “sharing historic statutes, law books, and insights,” and “raising relevant historical questions for further research.” He has published many illuminating stories by detailing the laws passed in the 18th and 19th century, including on early quarantine laws, the act for relief of sick and disabled seamen, and much more.

AmericanSystemNow recently featured Levinson’s post on the work of Mathew Carey, a publisher and economist who played an indispensable role in promoting Hamilton’s economic policy of manufacturing.

Levinson also recently cohosted the newly launched Alexander Hamilton Virtual Book Club, along with the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society, Friends of the Stirling Road Library, Daughters of the American Revolution: Biscayne Chapter, and the Lifelong Learning Institute at Nova Southeastern University.

Spannaus expressed her pleasure at getting this opportunity to discuss Hamilton’s history and relevance today for a radio audience. “Having been introduced to Adam’s valuable work on American history through his blog, I look forward to having this chance to discuss Hamilton with him on air,” she said. “I believe that our nation is in desperate need of acquainting itself once again with the thought of Hamilton and those who took up the torch after him. The more discussion, the better.”

Spannaus’s book can be purchased at https://www.iuniverse.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/788568-Hamilton-versus-Wall-Street, or any other online book seller.


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