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Political Journalist Writes about Hamilton’s American System

Going back to the economic system that made America great

NEW YORK CITY — Nancy Bradeen Spannaus’ book, Hamilton Versus Wall Street: The Core Principles of the American System of Economics, could not have been published at a better time. With the rise to popularity of the musical, Hamilton: An American Musical, it is a good opportunity to make enthusiasts aware of Hamilton’s essential contributions to America’s economic history. It is Nancy’s goal to show how Hamilton opposed the speculative practices of Wall Street and laid out policies which will let America go back to the principles that made it great: the American System of economic policy.

This book tackles Hamilton’s economics, especially his Report on Manufactures, emphasizing his concept of the productive powers of labor, which were used by presidents Lincoln, Washington, and Roosevelt and are still of relevance to this day. Nancy’s book brings forth the core idea of the American System, that the state should foster the development of every individual’s creative power, which is a greater source of a society’s wealth than any other material attributes.

A partial picture of the book Hamilton Versus Wall Street.

Nancy draws her broad knowledge of American history, as contained in her blog, to unearth a largely suppressed body of knowledge about Hamilton’s nation-building policy.

Nancy’s work will be exhibited at the BookExpo + BookCon 2019, to be held at the Jacob Javits Center, New York City, this coming May 29 to 31 and June 1 and 2, 2019. Meet the author in person and have your book signed by Nancy herself during her Book Signing scheduled on the 1st of June from 10 AM to 1 PM at the Authors Press Booth # 1667. To get the latest update on authors, like and follow Authors Press on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Hamilton Versus Wall Street: The Core Principles of the American System of Economics

Written by Nancy Bradeen Spannaus

Kindle | $5.99

Paperback | $13.99

Book copies are available at Authors Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

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