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The Washington Revels perform at Great Falls National Park. (Nancy Spannaus)

Celebrating the C&O Canal and Its Workers

By Nancy Spannaus June 18, 2018—This post is inspired by the event you see in the picture—a performance of Songs of the Canal and the Sea by an ensemble from the Washington Revels , a very talented musical troupe, on Sunday June 17 at the Great Falls National Park (on […]

by June 19, 2018 Commentary, News
Blog editor Nancy Spannaus at the Monocacy Aqueduct.

Help Us Celebrate Our First Anniversary!

June 15, 2018 Dear reader: Tomorrow, June 16th, AmericanSystemNow celebrates its one-year anniversary. Over the year we have gradually picked up our pace, and the word is spreading about the resource we provide: an in-depth elaboration of the principles of the American System of Political Economy, and relevant news items seen […]

by June 15, 2018 Commentary
Washington led the army against the Whiskey Rebellion, and then pardoned those convicted.

Why Hamilton Promoted Presidential Pardon Power

By Edward Spannaus June 15, 2018–Much ink has been spilt over President Donald Trump’s use of his pardoning power. Yet his use of that power is entirely consistent with the powers granted to the President by the U.S. Constitution, and with the intent of its Framers. It is refreshing to […]

by June 15, 2018 Commentary
CDC chart on suicide rates. The higher the rate, the darker the blue.

Rising U.S. Suicide Rate Demands Profound National Change

by Nancy Spannaus June 13, 2018—The June 8, 2018 Vital Signs Report from the Centers for Disease Control provides a gruesome context for the latest headline suicides of celebrities Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. Suicide rates are on the rise among all sections of the U.S. population except those over […]

by June 13, 2018 News
Historians Debate: Who Was the Real Alexander Hamilton?

Historians Debate: Who Was the Real Alexander Hamilton?

By Nancy Spannaus June 11, 2018—One of the benefits of the popularity of Hamilton: An American Musical, which begins its run in Washington, D.C. tomorrow, is that it has inspired many institutions to sponsor informative exhibits, presentations , and debates on the First Treasury Secretary’s life and contributions. The event […]

by June 11, 2018 News
June 5 RFK Memorial Event, at Busboys and Poets, Washington, DC. Speaking: Former Congressman Jim Slattery. Seated left to right: Del Guzman of Virginia; Rev. Hagler of Washington; Hilary Shelton, NAACP; (Photo:PDA)

RFK Memorial Event Video

  Watch the video of the event here.

by June 9, 2018 News
Robert Kennedy in 1964.

Commemoration Calls for Reviving RFK’s Passion for Justice

by Angela Vullo June 7, 2018–Fifty years after the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, on June 5, 1968, an historic tribute was held for the fallen Senator in Washington, DC.  A prestigious array of speakers, several of whom worked with Kennedy’s presidential campaign, and were at the Ambassador Hotel […]

by June 7, 2018 News
John Marshall and the American System: 6-Part Series

John Marshall and the American System: 6-Part Series

  By Edward Spannaus Part One- Marshall’s Supreme Court Affirms American System Part Two- Creating Legal Infrastructure for a National Economy Part Three- Virginia’s Assault on the Marshall Court Part Four- Steamboat Case Clears Way for the American System Part Five – Marshall Defends the American System against Jacksonian Populism. […]

by June 2, 2018 Commentary, History
The demand for decent-paying jobs is growing across the nation.

Sen. Booker’s Federal Jobs Guarantee Act–A Glass Half Full

By Stuart Rosenblatt May 30, 2018–Over the past year, a new initiative to guarantee a job to anybody who wants or needs one has been making its way through progressive Democratic Party circles, and provoking a debate on what a competent jobs program should be.  Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) bill, […]

by May 30, 2018 Commentary, Infrastructure
Apollo 11 takes off for the Moon. (nasa)

JFK Announces Moon Mission: An Inspiration for Today

By Nancy Spannaus May 25, 2018—On this day in 1961,  four months after he was inaugurated, President John F. Kennedy gave the United States its most far-reaching and consequential mission ever.  “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing […]

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