Nov. 15, 2018–The slide show delivered on Nov. 13 in Washington,D.C. is now available here as a PDF.

Although many of the slides are self-explanatory, you may find it useful to review them alongside our news report, which is available here.

National Infrastructure Bank Slideshow Now Available
The Portal Bridge, a key link on the Northeast rail corridor.

As the weekly disruptions of traffic between New York and New Jersey demonstrate, a major collapse of U.S. infrastructure any day is a throw of the dice. Should traffic be cut off on the Northeast corridor, a full 20% of GDP would be at risk. Our picture shows one of the weak links, the Portal Bridge. It opened in 1910, and is regularly experiencing breakdowns. The latest problem causing a shutdown of traffic occurred Nov. 13, when the bridge, which swings open for boat traffic, was hit by a boat.


The Slide-Show (PDF format)

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