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Federal Court Strikes Medicaid Work Requirements

June 30, 2018- A Federal Judge blocked the State of Kentucky’s Medicaid work requirements on Friday, ruling that the proposed regulations were contrary to the underlying purpose of the Medicaid Law, which is to provide access to healthcare for the most indigent.

Four states- Kentucky, Indiana, Arkansas, and New Hampshire, have had their work requirements approved by Trump’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, while seven other states’ applications are pending.

The court’s ruling throws everything up in the air, and puts the future of Medicaid work requirements in doubt.

Proponents of these requirements argue that forcing able-bodied recipients to work, will not only save money, but will improve the health of the recipients.(!)  Opponents point out that the majority of working age adults receiving Medicaid are already working. (See American System Now coverage of the original filing of this law suit.)

Medicare For All has emerged as a major legislative proposal for the healthcare crisis, and was a key plank in many of the Democratic primary election contests this past Tuesday.

Bernie Sanders Introduces Medicare for All at a Rally in 2017 (credit: CNN)

Bernie Sanders Introduces Medicare for All at a Rally in 2017 (credit: CNN)


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