Class Available: Why American Slavery Persisted

By Nancy Spannaus

June 2, 2022—As many of you who follow this blog know, I am in the throes of writing a book on Why American Slavery Persisted. I have posted a series of elements from my research on the blog, as you may have seen. I have also given two class series locally on the subject, but neither have been available to prospective students online. (My promo for those classes is available here.)

That has changed. On June 13 and June 20, I will be lecturing on this subject by zoom at the Lifelong Learning program sponsored by Long Island University’s Hutton House. People from anywhere can log on to these classes and join the discussion. They start at 1 pm Eastern Daylight Time.

The author teaching from her home office.

I believe this discussion is of critical importance not only for dealing with the ongoing conflict over race in our country, but also in light of the upcoming 250th anniversary of the birth of our nation, The Declaration of Independence. A truthful history of the fight over slavery in the founding era is a pre-requisite for unifying our people around that upcoming celebration.

My book is well underway, and I shall soon be looking for a publisher. Self-published is nice for control and speed, but there are limits to circulation. In the meantime, discussing my work in a class setting is helpful to the process; your comments can have an impact.

The class series costs a bit of money, but I promise to make it lively, not to mention provocative.  Here is the relevant information to sign up. You have a few days.

The American colonies were the international leaders in abolishing slavery, including the place where the first abolition society was established. When the Constitution was established, there was a general consensus that slavery was on its way to extinction. Why then did it take a Civil War, 70 years later, to abolish this horror? Nancy Spannaus, author of Hamilton Versus Wall Street: The Core Principles of the American System of Economics, will present her answer to this question in this two-session course.


Mondays, June 13 and 20

1 – 3 p.m. on Zoom

2 sessions | Fee: $60

Instructor: Nancy Spannaus


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