Review: This Attack on Alexander Hamilton is an Attack on the United States Itself

How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America Brion McClanahan Regnery History, 2017, 205 pp. By Nancy Spannaus Oct. 26—The radical free-marketeers of the Austrian School of Economics are very unhappy. The dismal results of their dominance of world economic thought since the end of World War II have finally resulted in […]

by October 26, 2017 Commentary, Review

The American “Special Century” of Economic Progress, 1870-1970

  by Stu Rosenblatt Editor’s Note: The following is part one of a four-part review of a very useful book for those determined to return the American economy to productive growth. The full article will be available upon completion. The article has been edited by Bonnie James. The Rise and […]

by September 13, 2017 Commentary, Review