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Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington, D.C. (wikimedia commons)

Solve the Fed’s Dilemma–with Glass-Steagall

April 24, 2018—“Could the Fed Set Off a Debt Bomb?”, asked financial pundit Satyajit Das in an article for Bloomberg April 12. Das’s analysis of the minefield which the Fed faces in the weeks and months ahead, serves as a warning to those of all political stripes who keep mindlessly […]

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The Oyster Creek nuclear plant in New Jersey, the nation's oldest, has gotten a reprieve.

New Jersey Saves Two Nuclear Plants

April 20, 2018—Sanity prevailed in New Jersey this week, when both houses of the State Legislature passed energy legislation which will permit two of the state’s three nuclear plants to keep operating. The bill, expected to be signed by the Governor, will provide a $300 million a year subsidy to […]

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Neel Kashkari, governor of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve (wikimedia)

Fed’s Kashkari & Sen. Warren Address Too Big to Fail

April 17, 2018—Minneapolis Federal Reserve Governor Neel Kashkari and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren were the lead speakers April 16 at a Howard University event on Too Big to Fail 10 Years after the Crash. Both stressed the fact that while Wall Street, bank managers, and the banks have come roaring […]

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Departing FDIC Vice-Chair Issues a New Warning

Departing FDIC Vice-Chair Issues a New Warning

April 14, 2018–Former Vice-Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Thomas Hoenig issued what might be his final public warning against disastrous risk in the deregulated banking system on April 2. On that day, the last of his term, Hoenig spoke with S&P Global Market Intelligence and sharply criticized the […]

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The recent rise in subprime auto loans.

Subprime Boom Makes Case for Glass-Steagall

April 12, 2018—Recent research published by Wolf Street on the spike in subprime auto loans, and the emerging difficulties in that market, should point our attention again to the firewall urgently needed to protect the American financial system from catastrophic collapse: Glass-Steagall. The subprime bubble in auto loans is, admittedly, […]

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Hope Creek nuclear plant in New Jersey

State Legislators Move to Save Nuclear Plants

April 9, 2018–In the face of Congressional dereliction of duty on the question of energy policy, more states are moving toward action to prevent the shutdown of their most productive producers of electric power, the nuclear plants. So far, only Illinois and New York legislatures have taken action to prevent […]

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The Wall Street bull

More Warnings of a Coming Crash

April 8, 2018—In an interview with CNBC on April 6, Scott Minerd, head of investing for Guggenheim Partners, pointed to ballooning corporate debt as the probable source of a major financial crisis in the 2019-2020 period. “As interest rates keep ratcheting higher, with record levels of corporate debt it’s going […]

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Former VA Head Opposed Privatization

Former VA Head Opposed Privatization

March 31, 2018—President Trump’s firing of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin on March 28, is an ominous sign that proponents of privatizing the medical care system for veterans are gaining the upper hand. Should privatization occur, it would be a violation of principles which were part of the […]

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Wall Street Journal Exposes Post-2008 Dangers

Wall Street Journal Exposes Post-2008 Dangers

March 31, 2018–In a special section entitled “10 Years After the Crisis,” published on March 27, Wall Street’s newspaper of record, the Wall Street Journal, put together a highly interesting compilation of charts and graphs which tell a sorry truth: Injustice and risk remain an imminent risk to the financial […]

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EnergyFirst's Perry Plant in Pennsylvania, now under threat of shutdown. (EnergyFirst).

“Free Market” Threatens Vital Nuclear Energy

March 30, 2018—Nuclear energy is a vital component of the U.S.’s  power supply–but it is now under mortal threat due to the “free market” fraud. On March 28, the electric utility company FirstEnergy took two dramatic steps. First, it sent a 44-page letter to Secretary of Energy Rick Perry calling on […]

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