Steelworkers rally in support of tariffs (AAM)

Finally, Some Calls for a National Industrial Policy

By Nancy Spannaus July 30, 2018—In dealing with the issue of tariffs which the Trump Administration has put on the front burner, I have consistently argued that an American System approach to reviving American manufacturing demands a comprehensive policy of which tariffs may only be a small part. Specifically, the […]

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Senator Sherrod Brown

Americans for Financial Reform Puts Spotlight Back on Wall Street

By Angela Vullo July 26, 2018–Not since the movie “The Big Short” has Wall Street been so exposed as the enemy of the American public. In a rare performance, in the Hart Senate Office Building on July 24, truth was told in a forum on the economy on Capitol Hill.  […]

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Hamilton grave site at Trinity Church, in the Wall Street area of Manhattan.

AHA Society Sponsors Tributes to Alexander Hamilton

By Nancy Spannaus July 15, 2018—The second day of Celebrate Hamilton 2018 (July 12) featured two moving tributes to Alexander Hamilton in Lower Manhattan. Both were organized by the Alexander Hamilton Awareness (AHA) Society, as part of a four-day commemoration around the anniversary of Hamilton’s death on July 11, 1804 […]

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Nancy Spannaus (Center,front) in the crowd at the Hamilton Memorial, Weehawkin, New Jersey, on July 11, 2018

AHA Society Commemorates Hamilton at Weehawken

  By Nancy Spannaus   July 12, 2018–A couple dozen people gathered at the Alexander Hamilton memorial in Weehawken, New Jersey last night, to start several days of celebration of the life of the murdered Founder.  He was killed on July 11, 1804 in a site just down the cliff […]

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Glass-Steagall Bill Introduced in Australian Parliament

Glass-Steagall Bill Introduced in Australian Parliament

June 26, 2018–The federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter on June 25 introduced a private member’s bill into the Australian Parliament to protect the economy and bank customers from dangerous financial speculation and predatory banking. The Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2018 is based on the USA’s successful Glass-Steagall Act. It […]

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The rise of bank profits may skew the ABA's perception.

The ABA Is Ecstatic: What Are the Bankers Smoking?

By Nancy Spannaus June 22, 2018—In a June 21 release, the Economic Advisory Committee of the American Bankers Association (ABA) declared that the U.S. economy was “fundamentally strong.” While making a nod toward possible disruptions from the ongoing trade conflict, the 16 economists from the major money-center banks who make […]

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The Washington Revels perform at Great Falls National Park. (Nancy Spannaus)

Celebrating the C&O Canal and Its Workers

By Nancy Spannaus June 18, 2018—This post is inspired by the event you see in the picture—a performance of Songs of the Canal and the Sea by an ensemble from the Washington Revels , a very talented musical troupe, on Sunday June 17 at the Great Falls National Park (on […]

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CDC chart on suicide rates. The higher the rate, the darker the blue.

Rising U.S. Suicide Rate Demands Profound National Change

by Nancy Spannaus June 13, 2018—The June 8, 2018 Vital Signs Report from the Centers for Disease Control provides a gruesome context for the latest headline suicides of celebrities Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. Suicide rates are on the rise among all sections of the U.S. population except those over […]

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Historians Debate: Who Was the Real Alexander Hamilton?

Historians Debate: Who Was the Real Alexander Hamilton?

By Nancy Spannaus June 11, 2018—One of the benefits of the popularity of Hamilton: An American Musical, which begins its run in Washington, D.C. tomorrow, is that it has inspired many institutions to sponsor informative exhibits, presentations , and debates on the First Treasury Secretary’s life and contributions. The event […]

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June 5 RFK Memorial Event, at Busboys and Poets, Washington, DC. Speaking: Former Congressman Jim Slattery. Seated left to right: Del Guzman of Virginia; Rev. Hagler of Washington; Hilary Shelton, NAACP; (Photo:PDA)

RFK Memorial Event Video

  Watch the video of the event here.

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