Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton’s concept of the American System was most fully developed in his Report on the Subject of Manufactures, submitted to the U.S. Congress, upon its request, in December of 1791. There, at great length, Hamilton lays out the way in which the productive powers of labor are increased in […]

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President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1945)

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1945)

Of all the American statesmen who espoused and acted to implement the American System, Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945) clearly had the most opportunity to shape the nation. Entering the presidency at a time of extreme crisis, FDR had three full terms to be able to implement a wide array of […]

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Mathew Carey

Mathew Carey (1760-1839) was an economist and publicist who played a major role in the revival of the American System after Hamilton’s system had been basically abandoned by the Federalist Party, as well as the Democratic Republicans. As editor of the American Museum magazine (1787-1792), Carey published Hamilton’s seminal reports […]

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President John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)

President John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)

President John F. Kennedy did not have much opportunity to implement his version of the American System, before he was felled by an assassin’s bullet. However, his moves in that direction, from the space program, to the investment tax credit, to mooting changes in the Federal Reserve and conceiving stunning […]

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The Second Bank of the United States was key to the U.S.'s 1820 infrastructure boom.

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June 5—The Founding Fathers of the United States were firmly convinced that one of the prerequisites to preserving our Republic was an informed citizenry. Yet today, the U.S. public is woefully uninformed, or misinformed, of even the most basic policies upon which the United States, and especially its economy, were […]

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Friedrich List

Friedrich List (1789-1846) was a German economist who spent several years in the United States in the late 1820s, during which time he both studied and further contributed to the American System of economic thought. In his polemics against the British imperial free trade system, which was crushing industry in […]

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Henry C. Carey

Mathew Carey’s son Henry Charles Carey (1793-1879) continued his father’s approach, while serving as the key economic advisor to President Abraham Lincoln. Carey took over his father’s publishing operation, but by 1840 had become an author on the principles of the American System; his first book was a four volume […]

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American System Now

American System Now

American System Now is a blog specifically devoted to providing crucial resources to Americans, and others, seeking to reclaim their country for the economic system which built the American economy into the industrial wonder of the world. The American System is most appropriately associated with the work of the first […]

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