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Federal Court Strikes Medicaid Work Requirements

Federal Court Strikes Medicaid Work Requirements

June 30, 2018- A Federal Judge blocked the State of Kentucky’s Medicaid work requirements on Friday, ruling that the proposed regulations were contrary to the underlying purpose of the Medicaid Law, which is to provide access to healthcare for the most indigent. Four states- Kentucky, Indiana, Arkansas, and New Hampshire, […]

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News Outlets Flip Over Anti-Wall Street Election Results

News Outlets Flip Over Anti-Wall Street Election Results

  June 29, 2018—“Conservative” financial press and media reacted strongly to certain Democratic victories in the Tuesday primaries, citing candidates’ support for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall. Most notable was the upset of 11-term Congressman Joe Crowley, by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in New York’s 14th CD. Crowley had been long considered the […]

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Glass-Steagall Bill Introduced in Australian Parliament

Glass-Steagall Bill Introduced in Australian Parliament

June 26, 2018–The federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter on June 25 introduced a private member’s bill into the Australian Parliament to protect the economy and bank customers from dangerous financial speculation and predatory banking. The Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2018 is based on the USA’s successful Glass-Steagall Act. It […]

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A Chinese electronics factory, one of the targets of the new Trump tariffs.

The Tariff Debate: It’s U.S. Credit Policy That Must Change!

By Nancy Spannaus June 25, 2018—In his Report on the Subject of Manufactures, and elsewhere, American System founder Alexander Hamilton made it clear that the government’s responsibility in this area should be to foster technological advances and adequate supply in the industries crucial to the nation’s national defense and general […]

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The rise of bank profits may skew the ABA's perception.

The ABA Is Ecstatic: What Are the Bankers Smoking?

By Nancy Spannaus June 22, 2018—In a June 21 release, the Economic Advisory Committee of the American Bankers Association (ABA) declared that the U.S. economy was “fundamentally strong.” While making a nod toward possible disruptions from the ongoing trade conflict, the 16 economists from the major money-center banks who make […]

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A lathe operator during the economic mobilization for World War II.

Producing a Machine Tool Revolution

By Stuart Rosenblatt June 19, 2018—The following is part two of a series dedicated to “Lessons for a Recovery: The WWII Economic Mobilization.” Part one appeared on May 18, and can be found here . The summer of 1940 witnessed a dramatic escalation of the U.S. war effort, thanks to the […]

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The Washington Revels perform at Great Falls National Park. (Nancy Spannaus)

Celebrating the C&O Canal and Its Workers

By Nancy Spannaus June 18, 2018—This post is inspired by the event you see in the picture—a performance of Songs of the Canal and the Sea by an ensemble from the Washington Revels , a very talented musical troupe, on Sunday June 17 at the Great Falls National Park (on […]

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FDR Signs Glass-Steagall on June 16, 1933

Glass-Steagall Remembered on the 85th Anniversary

  June 16, 2018- The London Guardian and Liam Halligan both published pieces related to Glass-Steagall and the current economic crisis on or about the date that Franklin Roosevelt signed the Act, 85 years ago today.     The original bill was signed at the end of FDR’s first one […]

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Blog editor Nancy Spannaus at the Monocacy Aqueduct.

Help Us Celebrate Our First Anniversary!

June 15, 2018 Dear reader: Tomorrow, June 16th, AmericanSystemNow celebrates its one-year anniversary. Over the year we have gradually picked up our pace, and the word is spreading about the resource we provide: an in-depth elaboration of the principles of the American System of Political Economy, and relevant news items seen […]

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Washington led the army against the Whiskey Rebellion, and then pardoned those convicted.

Why Hamilton Promoted Presidential Pardon Power

By Edward Spannaus June 15, 2018–Much ink has been spilt over President Donald Trump’s use of his pardoning power. Yet his use of that power is entirely consistent with the powers granted to the President by the U.S. Constitution, and with the intent of its Framers. It is refreshing to […]

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