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The Promise of Medicare-for-All

The Promise of Medicare-for-All

By Nancy Spannaus This article is part 3 in a series on the American System in health care. The context for the analysis here will become clearer upon your reading those articles as well. July 29, 2017—With the deserved defeat of the Republican offensive against health care, a serious debate […]

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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) addresses Summer for Progress rally for H.R. 676 on July 25, 2017.

Medicare-for-All Mobilization Picks Up Steam

July 26, 2017—As the Republicans seek to ram through their slash-and-burn alternative to Obamacare, a mobilization is currently underway, led by a number of groups spun out of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, to push through the only alternative on the table—Rep. John Conyers’ H.R. 676 single payer bill, also […]

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LBJ signs Medicare into law on July 30, 1965. (lbjlibrary)

The American System in Healthcare: The Path to Medicare

  By Nancy Spannaus July 20, 2017—The current stalemate on healthcare in the Congress provides a perfect opportunity to “get it right,” beginning with the approach represented in the legislation of “Medicare for all.” The United States is faced with a health care emergency, and action to deal with the […]

The Nation under Water: Yet Another Case against Privatization

The Nation under Water: Yet Another Case against Privatization

By Angela Vullo July 17, 2017–With federal and state budgets spiraling out of control, ever more desperate elected officials are totally befuddled as to how to pay for repairing and rebuilding the infrastructure which is collapsing all around them. The Trump administration has proposed privatization as the answer for fixing […]

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How the Army Corps of Engineers Helped to Build the American Nation

How the Army Corps of Engineers Helped to Build the American Nation

By Pam Lowry “We must get up early, for we have a large territory; we have to cut down the forests, dig canals, and make railroads all over the country.” (A West Point cadet to a foreign visitor, 1854.)   All the military guests at the glittering banquet in the […]

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How Financialization Destroyed the U.S. Economy

  Makers and Takers The Rise of Finance and the Fall of Business Rana Foroohar Crown Business, New York, NY, 2016, 329 pages A review by Stuart Rosenblatt     July 12, 2017–Rana Foroohar’s 2016 book Makers and Takers is an important addition to the growing number of exposés against […]

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West Point, New York 
Painting by Seth Eastmen, 1875 (wiki)

When the US Military Helped Build America

Military-Civilian Collaboration on Infrastructure Projects is an American Tradition by Pam Lowry From the earliest days of the young American Republic, the engineering capabilities of the military were viewed as crucial for developing the nation. The officers of the Continental Army, such as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Henry Knox, […]

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This rise in mortality, documented by Brookings scholars in 2017, highlights the severity of the healthcare crisis.

American System Principles to Solve the Health Care Crisis

By Nancy Spannaus July 11, 2017—As the U.S. Senate takes up the question of repealing Obamacare again this week, Americans can expect to be inundated with waves of facts, figures, and moralisms that will accelerate the conflict over this issue, but which provide no clear pathway to a solution to […]

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Alexander Hamilton’s Second Lasting Contribution to the Union

Alexander Hamilton’s Second Lasting Contribution to the Union

July 11, 2017—As we commemorate the remarkable life and contributions of Alexander Hamilton on this anniversary of his duel with Aaron Burr 213 years ago, we would do well to remember one of his lesser-celebrated, but crucial contributions–his role in defeating Burr as a possible president of the United States […]

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Abraham Lincoln as a young man.

Young Abraham Lincoln Fights to Develop the Frontier

This Week in History, By Pam Lowry February 6 – 12, 1809 When Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in the wilds of Kentucky, Robert Fulton was applying for a patent on the steamboat which he had successfully launched on the Hudson River just a year and a […]

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